Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quietness Rose ~ The Elegance of Good Breeding

Quietness Basking in the Summer Air

Quietness calls to my mind what the last well bred lady in history would be; elegant, gracious, unfailingly polite, unerringly correct, all in the company of her more vulgar and ill mannered neighbors. No matter that she is crowded and elbowed about by garishly dressed and forward, grasping folks in her spot in my garden, like gaura and phlox, she maintains her place with a dignity that is forever charming. Her clear pink cheeks are fresh and bright in the driest of summer weather, yet never despondent or pouting in the torrents of the summer monsoons. When she is finished with a blossom, she discards it without fuss, daintily and cleanly, careful to make no extra work for others, even for the resident drudge and manure hauler of the garden, (me). She is sparing with her fragrance, which has been sometimes strong and clove-y, but at other times nonexistent, still,  I love her very much. Going on her fourth year now, she continues a delightful Quiet Queen of my garden, growing and thriving without demanding attention, but drawing every eye none the less to her graceful presence.
I am glad that Dr. Griffith Buck had a passion for breeding winter hardy roses. I believe the deceptively fragile pink coloring of Quietness is possible in my harsh climate because of it.

Quietness ~ Ever Well Behaved ~ Even When Shoved About

Of Course,  Quietness is a  Gracious Hostess

Quietness ~ Humbly Sharing the Spotlight With Common Folk

Quietness ~ Unbelievably Gorgeous
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