Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love Abraham Darby

David Austin's Abraham Darby ~ Brilliantly Reflecting the Western Sun

Abraham Darby ~ What a charming fellow! This is a beautiful, strongly perfumed, David Austin rose that I am enjoying growing  in my garden. I have an older plant that was purchased from Jackson and Perkins about a dozen years ago, and a 3 year old from a little Heirloom Roses band. The older plant had been ordered in great excitement and planted in as much, then neglected while I raised children and dogs and earned money and so forth; when I found my garden becoming important to me again I could not remember the name of the older bush. All I could remember was that I thought it had a man's name. As Abraham Darby, famous, perhaps to folks who study the Industrial Revolution, was not famous to me, I had forgotten it. With my renewed interest in growing roses, and my new purchases flourishing, I realised that my old friend was indeed Abe Darby. YAY!  I am very glad to have 2. I am really enjoying them!
Abraham Darby 

Abraham Darby ~ A Back Blossom, Happy in the Shade

Abraham Darby ~ A Strong, Delicious, Smother-Your-Nose-With-It Fragrance
Abraham Darby ~ Pretty in Bud

Abraham Darby ~ Nonchalant About the Storm Clouds 

Abraham Darby ~ Flying Over the Garden

Abraham Darby ~ Sweetly Attractive to Bees

Abraham Darby ~ Carefree and Frivolous

The Older Bush of Abraham Darby  ~ Consistently Peachier Than the Very Pink Newer Bush

Abraham Darby ~ The Newer, Pinkier Bush
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  1. For me it is rose no. 1 regarding fragrance, so unbelievably fruity and juicy, almost mouth watering!