Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prairie Star, a Star in My Garden

Driving out of town before dawn last  Sunday, we enjoyed the bright sight of Venus dominating the south eastern skies. She was brilliant! The alarm going off at 3:50 am didn't seem so much of a punishment, with this vision to reward us for the first stretch of our 4 hour drive, which took us over the sparsely populated High Colorado Plateau.
Prairie Star was so aptly named! Like Venus, the Morning Star, shining through the night sky and over the wakening land, Prairie Star shines brightly in our garden.  A hearty plant whose flushes throughout the summer are a cornerstone of beauty in our little yard, Prairie Star really glows in early morning and in evening light. We have planted 2 around the birdbath, and they work together well to reward us with a great show. Disease free and healthy, this Buck rose is a delight and a joy to grow. I do wish Prairie Star had more fragrance, but perhaps that is asking too much form a star.
Prairie Star Glowing in the Twilight'

Prairie Star Baby May 2008

Prairie Star ~ by July 2008, Blooming His Heart Out for Us!

Prairie Star and Fans ~ Stargazer Llies

Prairie Star ~ July 2008 Such a Star!
Prairie Satr by August 2010 ~ All Grown Up

Prairie Star ~ August 2010

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  1. Prairie Star is everything Sandra says it is. A real delight in the Garden. Thomas

  2. This rose is beautiful. Have not see it in pictures before. Thanks for sharing some. It looks great around the birdbath....