Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ambridge Rose is Off to a Good Start!

David Austin's Ambridge Rose is one of my Chamblees purchases from  last year. It was planted in spring of 2011. I am pleased to have roses to photograph on November first; it has been an unusually mild fall.

She is planted near Climbing America, and I love the colors together.

Climbing America
They should make a lovely, melodious duo by next season when Ambridge Rose puts on a little more bulk.

Already a full little bush
As it is, I am so pleased with her progress. With her alluring color and fragrance, she is a delightful, sensually stimulating addition to my garden pleasures.

A charming round bud is filled with promise

Sweet little twins
Her weak stems detract somewhat from her beauty, making her a shy little creature. If she realized how beautiful she is, she would surely hold her head proudly to the sky.

She shares her loveliness reluctantly; I mush prop her up on a driftwood log to photograph her.

So pretty together! Climbing  America and Ambridge Rose

 The temperature goes down to 21F tonight; this will be our last vase of cut roses for the season.
A previous post describes my purchases for spring of 2010:

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