Links to a Few of My Published Garden Articles

Here are links to a few of my published garden and plant articles. I hope you enjoy them!
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When Does Rosa Gallica Bloom?

Chicago Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

So many roses to choose from among:

Royal Wedding Floribunda Rose

Fruit trees can be the products of science and nature:

Black Tartarrian Cherry Tree

These continuously-blooming roses display beautiful fall flushes:

Some plants don't belong in the pleasure garden:

Double Delight Rose

There is a thyme for every recipe:

The symbolic language of flowers is alive and well:

Some general articles:

Clematis H. F. Young
Flower Gardens From the 1800s

A couple of articles discussing the phototropic and thermotropic characteristics of roses:

How Do Roses Get Their Color?

My White Roses Are Turning Pink

Prairie Star showing pure white

Blushing apricot Prairie Star ....the same plant!

The very same Prairie Star in a pink-ish mood!

Our home application to this article is photographed below:

How to Prepare the Ground to Plant Vegetables

A deep bed garden in the French Intensive style

Peonies are a favorite of ours:

Sarah Bernhardt peony

Intersectional Itoh Peony Information

I'll have to begin adding yellow roses to my garden palette after researching this article: 

The Size of the Yellow Rose

I am aching to add some antiques to my garden, especially after researching this article:

When Does Rosa Gallica Bloom?

Loving the Prairie Star Rose

I love the Prairie Star rose.