Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sun-Kissed Morning Begins a Beautiful Day

My young white trio: two Bradford pear trees and a Black Tartarian cherry tree glisten in the morning light and chill.
Mornings in my garden this week were bright and cold, with a kiss of color and sunlight brushing the flowering trees.
The cherry tree is brilliant against a clear, bright sky.
Afternoons breeze through, sometimes with dust; at other times the wind feels colder than the sunlight would suggest.

The warm spring allowed my young Burkwood viburnum to bloom. The fragrance is divine and I adore seeing the pink buds opening to pure white, simple blossoms.
I managed to get my little rosebushes from Heirloom Roses planted. My dear friend Sarah Z. treated me to three roses that I was anxious to have. 

My three new babies patiently await.
My previous experiment with Ebb Tide ended prematurely; I believe I planted it too early in the season. I am hoping that this time the roots will have a chance to grow and become well secured in their new home before the season is out. 

Ebb Tide has a roomy new home in front of a rather winter-ravaged Ambridge Rose and next to Cl. America.
I love Moonlight Scentsation so much that I chose another to keep it company.

Moonlight Scentsation poses before settling into a new home.
I ordered Jean Kenneally -- I am fascinated by the idea of growing the highest rated rose ever -- but they sent Cl. Jeanne Lajoie by mistake. I already have several Jeanne Lajoie; charming as she is, I don't need another. I did manage to find a spot for her, and the good, service-oriented folks at Heirloom Roses are graciously sending my Jean Kenneally along soon. 
Fragrant crabapple blossoms scent the afternoon.
Evening quietly closes another  happy spring day in the garden.