Propagation Project

Last year  I propagted some miniature roses from cuttings taken in the garden in October. It was a fun winter project, but my results were less than spectacular, as far as how many of my cuttings actually became permanant garden features.
Here are the little cuttings in their pots with pop bottle greenhouse tops:

Cuttings October 2009

Below is a success:
White Miniature Rose, Happily Rooted and Thriving in its Pot
January 2010

I am very happy with the 3 or 4 plants that I have now growing in my garden.

The White Mini Now in the Garden November 2010

A Dark Pink Mini Getting Into Winter Mode November 2010

This year I am trying the "Zip-Lock Baggie" method described here:  
We'll see how that works!
Filled Baggies

(Click Here For an Update under 'The Long Road to Spring'!)

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