Monday, November 22, 2010

Chicago Peace ~ Reliably Cheerful

Chicago Peace ~ Always Charming and Delightful
Chicago Peace gave us so much bright pleasure this past summer. It is a bush from our earlier days here; we've probably had it about 10 years. It actually gets quite a bit of afternoon shade, as it is on the north side of the house, but that doesn't seem to slow it down or fade out its brilliant coloring. Though it has little fragrance to me, its stunning coloration, vigorous, disease free growth, and happy disposition,  more than compensate and it is very well worth growing in our garden. I bless the Chicago gardener who found this sport of Peace in his garden and gave us this wonderful rose.

Chicago Peace ~ Demurely,  Glowingly  Lovely 

Chicago Peace ~ Unbelievably, Neon-ly  Brilliant!

We  See our Garden Out of the Dining Room Through Chicago Peace
Chicago Peace ~ Bursting With Energy and Light

Chicago Peace ~ A Vigorous, Eager-to-Please Bush
Chicago Peace ~ Way Beyond Pink
Chicago Peace ~ Still Bright at Twilight
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