Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Summer Folds Behind Us, Leaving Lovely, Rosy Memories

Sonia continued to delight us throughout the busy summer. I adore the Sonia rose.
Toward August, she sent up a magnificent cane nearly 6 feet tall, topped with a cluster of perfect florist-quality roses.

Dew patterned like pave-set diamonds illuminated the garden one rare morning.

Peace, sparkling discretely, is always serene and lovely.

Quietness smiles rather thinly as the summer wears down.

Aunt Honey, new this spring, blooms with lovely form and garish color, like a desperate spinster's lavishly applied lipstick. Her name seems to fit.

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  1. Sandra, great to see you posting again! I love your 'Sonia' rose. What a beauty that is! 'Peace' is also showing itself off in all its glory in your garden. This rose is rightfully one of the most famous roses in the world in my opinion. Your description of Aunt Honey made me laugh :-)! The color of the rose does not look that garish at all at least on my monitor. A lot like the color of 'Bewitched', which I love!

  2. Thank you, Christina!
    It's good to be "Blogging" again after a super busy summer. I really loved seeing your September roses on your wonderful blog ... just divine!

  3. Sandra, Sonia is a beautiful rose. Such vibrant colors our fall blooms give us. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Those photographs are beautiful. Sonia is really wonderful.


  5. Thank you, Chris. I always love working with Sonia in my florist days. She is a joy to grow.