Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June at Last!

June nearly seamlessly followed May this year with its continuation of warm temperatures and bright days. Cleamtis 'Madam Julia Correvon' robed herself  with a wine-red cloak that catches the morning light in the photos above and below. 

My arid, high-desert garden, though an oasis in a rugged outpost, takes on some of the ragged character of the greater environment. Peony 'Bowl of Beauty,'  tough gal that she is,  bravely opens her wind-buffeted blooms.

Her neighbor, my little Japanese Maple 'Garnet' surprised me by surviving the winter to present brilliant, though ungainly, new foliage. 

A Home-Depot bargain buy, its little body struggles to put on growth while facing daunting odds with our super-dry winters and dehydrating spring winds.

Together they make a sweet duo that one day may grow into a lovely scene.

Coffee time is delightful among the soothing morning shadows.

The hummers love their little free buffet.

Only one token tomato this year since we'll be traveling for most of June. I do hope it lives up to its name!

Aloha's disease-free foliage is glossy, healthy and bright on a dry, high-desert afternoon.


  1. Amazing how different things can be in different regions. It has been very humid here. So humid that an 80 degree day feels like over 100. Usually late summer is this unbearable. Now I am learning to love winter, more and more.

    1. Yes, Janie, I agree -- the variety of growing conditions among regions is amazing. When I admire my roses' glossy foliage glistening in the afternoon sun without a hint of fungal disease I certainly appreciate our dry climate. But when my water bill arrives ...!
      I hope ytou get a little reprieve in your weather before long.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It gives me renewed hope for my nearly dead plants! ~Michelle

  3. Your photos are so lovely, everyday must be like living in a English Garden for you.