Monday, July 11, 2011

Double Delight

Double Delight from the rooted cutting opened its first flower beautifully. 
I thought I'd share the event with you!

I do love the color variations in Double Delight. Its phototropic qualities are a wonderful visual addition to its intoxicating fragrance.
 I enjoyed preparing a couple of articles about rose color for eHow:

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  1. Sandra, how exciting that you rooted a rose from a cutting. Congratulations! I am still too much of a chicken to even attempt this, but one of these days...

  2. Thank you,Christina.
    It is an enjoyable hobby.

  3. Double Delight is my favorite rose. Yes this rose is very photogenic and you always get different color combinations from it and the fragrance is fantastic. I'm currently on my third house - I had double delights at my two previous places and plan on having them next year at my present home. I've never tried to root a rose before but would like to try in the future. Your garden pictures are a joy. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you so very much.
    I have enjoyed experimenting with rooting roses. It is a wonderful project for cold-winter regions. Collect cuttings after the final flush and nurse them along through the winter. It is therapeutic for me!