Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Character of Our Garden

Every garden is its own entity. Our journeys through picture books and trips to the nursery come together differently than our vision of perfection.

An errant carrot seed from last year produced this lovely bunch of 'summer snowflakes.'
Our own garden exists differently in my imagination than in actuality. Weed seeds, opportunists that they are, find respite from the surrounding desert in our yard. Every crack between stones, every bare slice of earth is fair game.

Prairie Star is happy in an untidy bed.
Our front walk with Dream Weaver and minis.
Our garden is a mish-mash of this-and-that from impulse buys and  opportunity purchases.
Peppermint Twist phlox is pretty and sweetly scented.
Our front walk is made of local stones.
Alliums and Shasta daisies
These alliums were a parting gift from a dear friend who moved away. They have multiplied with gusto. 

Baby's breath and germander.
I am attached to baby's breath. We used it extensively in the flower shop throughout the '70s. 

Minis and yarrow
All the yarrow in our yard came form one or two plants. It is shallow-rooted, tough and forgiving. I can pull it out where I don't want it, and stick a small rooted stem where I do want it. It grows to 3 feet high or flowers at less than a foot high if I shear it short. Its delicate, ferny leaves belie its tremendous durability and utility. I am fond of yarrow.
Our garden is filled with local rocks including some lovely petrified wood. It is rustic in the extreme, without tidy edges or smooth walkways. It is a never-finished garden to busy ourselves with and dream over.

Double Delight from one of my rooted cuttings!

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  1. It amazes me how many plants are blooming in your garden. It almost looks as if it is at its peak just now. I really like the wild romantic look of your yard and the dense planting that you did. My garden is kind of dull right now, with most of the roses taking a break between flushes and because of the heat. One plant which looks wonderful right now is an 'Endless Summer' hydrangea, though. Congratulation on your rooted cutting of Double Delight. This baby rose looks very happy and healthy! I have never tried to root a rose, maybe one day...

  2. Oh, Thank you, Christina!
    I am very excited about DD.
    I have 8 cuttings that are happily growing in the garden now. I started with about about 30 cuttings, but I am thrilled with what I have.
    It's a fun project! I hope you get to try it soon.
    I would love to grow a hydrangea one day.

  3. What a delightful garden you have filled with so much beauty and foliage to enjoy. Thanks for this little tour this morning. It makes me feel happy.


  4. Oh, Thank you so much! I'm very glad.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful! I have never seen yarrow compliment roses so well, thank you for a great idea! I love the stone path with all the plants blooming around it, and baby's breath and germander look wonderful together. I love the backlit image of the carrot bloom, it is so great to discover that "weeds" can be as beautiful as yours is! I am glad to see you grow Double Delight - I have two! It will be interesting to see how yours does own-root...

  6. Thank you, Masha.
    I am glad that weeds can be beautiful...sometimes it's a blessing.
    I do love Double Delight. The fragrance is intoxicating.