Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Double Delight, Frederic Mistral and Chrysanthemums Welcome September With Me

It's becoming a lovely Autumn.

Double Delight is glorious this September.

The fragrances of Double Delight and Frederic Mistral please me to no end.

Frederic Mistral manages a few fluffy blooms.

My little chrysanthemum bed is awakening.

Chrysanthemum plants that I have raised from cuttings explode all over the yard on this glorious September morning.

This is such a lovely time of year.


  1. Beautiful post. Double Delight is a winner! Love the blooms and fragrance. Can fill a room with sheer joy!

  2. Thank you, Chris! I do adore Double Delight, and love to have them in the house.

  3. Hier doet de Frederic Mistral het ook nog zo goed, alle rozen trouwens wel.
    het is na de slechte start wel een goede zomer geweest voor de rozen...