Friday, May 25, 2012

June Comes Early

It's only late May and everyone among our roses is pushing, stretching and opening buds as if there is no June ahead, ignoring the punishing winds and sand storms that keep us cowardly humans indoors. 

Rare morning peace in the garden
It's almost a cruel joke that the loveliest time of year is rushing past so quickly on wings of dirt, sand and dust, making a quiet garden respite nearly impossible. I managed to snap a few early morning shots before today's predicted biggest wind storm yet takes over our lives for the next 36 hours. 

Frederic Mistral, aka The Children's Rose
Frederic Mistral's deeply-fragrant blooms take me back to elusive and comforting childhood vignettes featuring great aunts and rose-scented soaps and oils.

Teasing Georgia rose
Teasing Georgia glows in the morning light.

Prairie Star rose

Prairie Star is delightfully perky and peachy, obviously relishing the sprinkler's bounty.

Royal Wedding rose

Royal Wedding's first flush delights me no end.

Seminole Wind rose, aka Rosarium Uetersen 
Seminole Wind, next to a favorite morning-coffee chair, puts on his first real show since joining our garden last year.

Quietness rose
Quietness never disappoints us, her delicate-looking blossoms taking a whipping in a wind that began rousing with the sun. 

Quietness rose bush and company
Quietness rose's first flush of 2012
Abraham Darby rose bush
Abraham Darby wants to ball up, but manages a brave show none-the-less.

Abraham Darby rose

The garden by late afternoon

As expected, the day deteriorated into a dirty, dusty mess. My poor roses!

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  1. Such a magnificent display of roses. Quietness is such a beautiful rose, as are all featured here.

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  3. Thank you for your kind comments, Chris! It's an honor to receive your compliments.