Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sun-Kissed Morning Begins a Beautiful Day

My young white trio: two Bradford pear trees and a Black Tartarian cherry tree glisten in the morning light and chill.
Mornings in my garden this week were bright and cold, with a kiss of color and sunlight brushing the flowering trees.
The cherry tree is brilliant against a clear, bright sky.
Afternoons breeze through, sometimes with dust; at other times the wind feels colder than the sunlight would suggest.

The warm spring allowed my young Burkwood viburnum to bloom. The fragrance is divine and I adore seeing the pink buds opening to pure white, simple blossoms.
I managed to get my little rosebushes from Heirloom Roses planted. My dear friend Sarah Z. treated me to three roses that I was anxious to have. 

My three new babies patiently await.
My previous experiment with Ebb Tide ended prematurely; I believe I planted it too early in the season. I am hoping that this time the roots will have a chance to grow and become well secured in their new home before the season is out. 

Ebb Tide has a roomy new home in front of a rather winter-ravaged Ambridge Rose and next to Cl. America.
I love Moonlight Scentsation so much that I chose another to keep it company.

Moonlight Scentsation poses before settling into a new home.
I ordered Jean Kenneally -- I am fascinated by the idea of growing the highest rated rose ever -- but they sent Cl. Jeanne Lajoie by mistake. I already have several Jeanne Lajoie; charming as she is, I don't need another. I did manage to find a spot for her, and the good, service-oriented folks at Heirloom Roses are graciously sending my Jean Kenneally along soon. 
Fragrant crabapple blossoms scent the afternoon.
Evening quietly closes another  happy spring day in the garden.


  1. Hello, Sandra!
    Your garden looks wonderful. That last picture is so adorable!
    Happy Easter! I wish you and your family wonderful blessings.

  2. Beautiful photos.

    Happy Gardening and have a wonderful Easter ~ FlowerLady

  3. Beautiful garden photos. The arrival of boxes of roses brings such joy doesn't it? Happy Easter to you!

  4. Thank you everyone! I hope you all have a beautifully busy spring season in your gardens.

  5. Hi Sandra, your white-flowering fruit trees look stunning in the morning and evening light! I am excited to see that you got some more rose babies! Ebb Tide I have seen in person and it is certainly a very pretty rose, with a very unusual color. Moonlight Scentsation I am growing myself and I love the ghostly white blooms and the fragrance, but unfortunately it is mildewing here right now. How is yours doing in terms of the disease resistance? I am not familiar with Jean Kenneally and have to look that one up immediately after I sent my comment. Good luck with the new bands!

  6. Thank you, Christina.
    One good thing about the Arizona high desert climate is that it is dry, and the fungal diseases are kept in check, so I don't have much trouble, and Moonlight Scentsation sails through the season with no problems.
    Jean Kenneally is a miniature rose; I am looking forward to adding her to my collection.