Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miniature and Mini-Flora Roses That I Love

Sunny miniature roses are bright spots in our garden.

An unnamed yellow Parade mini

The first to begin blooming and the last of the season to quit, minis delight us anew each year. The series of late spring frosts has slowed down all the other roses in the garden, but the minis surge ahead and reward us with clusters of happy blossoms.

Flawless is our new miniflora from Heirloom this spring. Already it is displaying its long pointed buds and breaking into fragrant, beautifully formed flowers. I adore the color. It is planted in front of Dream Weaver, which produces ruffled clusters of salmon pink roses to create a harmonious blending with Flawless.

Rugged minis in the front rock garden 

Grocery store minis from a decade or more ago
The grocery store minis above are as tough as the petrified wood lining their bed.

A chance seedling

I love the red flares on the chance seedling's flowers. I hope it becomes a robust, floriferous rose bush.

I was happy to note that our chance seedling made it through the winter and is about to bloom. It produced one or two pale yellow blooms last year. We'll see what this year brings.

White rose from last year's cutting project
The above white mini was planted last spring from the previous winter's cuttings. It made it through our nasty winter and is blooming away in its permanent garden home.

The mother of the white mini cuttings
The original is a grocery store plant from more than a decade ago. It's still healthy and productive in the front bed.

Moonlight Scentsation

Moonlight Scentsation is not as robust as Flawless yet. It is from the same spring Heirloom order. It's trying very hard to please!

Overnight Scentsation is fragrant and lovely. The two I planted from Heirloom this spring are now blooming.

They are in small round beds that are next to each other, along with dianthus, some burgundy minis from Trader Joes, and Starlight Express Oriental lilies. The fragrance is divine!

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  1. Sandra, I really, really like Flawless - great color and form. The foliage on your plants is amazing. You must not have black spot out there. I have a few minis. My Cal Poly looks similar to your yellow one in the first photo. Unfortunately, he doesn't keep many leaves on his bush. But I have Softee that does very well. Your white rose is is lovely, too.

  2. Thanks, Sherry!
    Yes, it's too dry here in this high desert for blackspot; I seldom see a hint of it!
    But our water bill, on the other hand.....

  3. Sandra- I love how your roses peek out of your rock garden! They are beautiful! So wish we could come see your garden- maybe someday soon!

  4. Thanks, Anita. I hope you can come up soon!

  5. Hello, Sandra!
    I like your pictures of the roses breathtakingly beautiful! Your garden is just gorgeous. I wish I could smell the fragrance from all the blooming roses.

  6. Thank you, Sandra! I wish you could visit my garden in bloom!

  7. Lovely roses. So far, I have managed to avoid getting minis, but your pictures might persuade me to reconsider...

  8. Thank you, Masha. Minis are such great little workhorses for me. I'm only just getting some blooming action on the regular roses, but the minis have begun in earnest. They are rose-lover's must in a long-winter climate. They're always charming lining a bed or rubbing shoulders with small boulders or decorative rocks.

  9. Great post I love mini roses they are a sweet treat! I am your neighbor over here in Utah :) I just found your blog and I love it you should check me out and if you like my blog too
    Follow Me I always Follow back :)

  10. Welcome neighbor and Thank you! Your blog is fun.
    I'm going to enjoy it.