Friday, April 29, 2011

Brandywine Crabapple Tree in Bloom

I adore this tree. It was planted about five years ago and it's still smallish. I love the color and form of these charming little blossoms, don't you?
Like a peony bud or a rose bloom

Dramatic color against the blue sky
A cluster is like a lovely corsage

The blossoms open flat and pale pink. There is a slight, sweet fragrance that would probably be stronger in a more humid situation.

Blossoms have opened big and happy

Such a pretty tree!
The blossoms are charming at every stage and range from hot to pale pink.

All ages clustered pleasantly together

The leafed-out tree in August

Crabapples in September

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  1. Beautiful! Crabapples are my favorite flowering tree, thanks for these pictures.

  2. Thank you, Masha. I do love them so.

  3. What a surprise! This tree looks wonderful. Everything looks so fresh and perfect. Lovely vivid colors making life more beautiful!

  4. Thank you, Sandra! I certainly agree!

  5. do you know what zone these will grow in?

  6. Dear Aisha ~ I'm glad you asked! Crabapples thrive wherever apples grow. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, they suit USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8A. When I planted my Malus 'Brandywine' the USDA zone here was 5. The newly updated USDA zone map shows us here in zone 6b, a full step and a half warmer than 5.
    Flowering crabapples generally suit Sunset Western Garden zones 1 - 11 and 14 - 21. See the following link for more information.

  7. Your brandywine tree is just beautiful. I am thinking of adding this one to one of my flower gardens but I was wondering how you like the look of it when it is not in bloom.

  8. Dear Alaina ~
    Thank you! It's a pretty tree in summer with a nice rounded canopy. The fall color is not spectacular. The apples are 1-1/2-to 2-inch balls of pink-blushed yellow that hang in attractive clusters.
    I added a couple of photos for you above.

  9. Hi Sandra,
    I happened upon your site while doing a pic search for Brandywine Crabapples. We bought a new one last summer after bloom time. In late June we got one of Colorado Springs' infamous hail storms which nearly stripped the tree of its leaves and our hearts along with. We are happy that this hardy tree has almost recovered this Spring and we hope to see blossoms yet to come. What part of Colorado are you in and when does your tree come into bloom? It's gorgeous, BTW.

  10. Hi, Craig! Lovely meeting you.
    Ours blooms in late April. Last year was a great show but this year the few blossoms were obliterated by a late frost and drying winds.
    We're actually in Chinle, Arizona, in the Four Corners region, on the High Desert Plateau. We get more damaging windy dust storms than hail.
    I hope you get a wonderful display this year. You'll be so pleased!

  11. Hi Sandra,

    Your Brandywine is beautiful! I am thinking about planting one. Have you had any disease concerns? Have you treated it for anything? I hear it's prone to some challenges (rust, scab, blight). What do you do to keep yours healthy?

    Do the crabapples stay on the tree during the winter? Or do they all drop after the frost?

    Thank you!

    Thanks for your advice!